Helga VonMueller

Ranger/minor healer


Helga stands at 5’ 2", weighing 140 pounds of solid muscle hardened from years on the campaign trail during Charlemagne’s Unification War. She has dark brown hair hacked off so that it doesn’t get in her eyes and fits underneath a helmet. Her eyes are light brown and constantly moving as she checks her surroundings. Her skin is tanned where exposed and pale milky white beneath her clothing.

She’s often described as “sturdy” or “handsome”, rather than pretty. Her features are rough, with a crooked eyetooth marking her smile (when she does). She’s well muscled for a woman, a legacy of her Sister’s of Mary convent in Bingen, Germania as one of the Armsmaidens. Upon her back she tattooed the Tectonic Cross, placed there when she left the convent at 14 to join Charlemagne’s crusade.


Born to poorer parents in rural northern central Germania, outside of Fulda, she was sold to the Church at 5. A strong and sturdy little girl, she was raised the convent of Sister Mary. As the convent oversaw vast lands, including farmland, tanneries, several villages, and a wainwright, the convent had need of guards that could guard many of the upper ranks of the nuns. Her strength and seriousness served her well and she quickly became adapt at tracking, swordwork, and an expert with the crossbow.

When Charlemagne, with the backing of the Pope, sent out a call for more troops, the convent responded by assigning Helga shieldmaiden status and sending her forth at the age of 14 as part of the Sisters of Battle for the Holy Roman Unification Crusade.

By the time she was 19 she had been present when the Church has enslaved children of villages merely accused of heresy. This led to her writing the Abbess for instruction, who told her that God would guide her and for her to pray. After several days of preying, the next time her commander ordered the children rounded up in a village when a neighboring village she challenged him to trail of steel and sinew.

At first the Lord Captain scoffed at Helga’s challenge, however the grizzled and weary veteran and former Church Inquisitor Fredrick ordered the Captain to accept the young shieldmaiden’s challenge or step down.

After the duel, Helga remained standing, the Lord Captain had gone forth to meet God. Realizing that Helga would be killed, Fredrick introduced Helga to his friends and took her along with him to continue fighting in the war.

In the years following Helga took part in investigating heresy, fighting in the war, and acting as she felt God saw fit.

Helga is a pious woman, who, despite her somewhat homely looks, seems to quickly gain the trust of children and animals. Vicious war-dogs turn in to puppies, seasoned war horses begin to act like ponies around her. Those around her say that this is because God’s light shines through her.

She grew war-weary toward the end of the Saxon Wars, ready to return home with her companions. With the lords of the crusade sending people back, she accepted Fredrick, Sebastian and Tymer’s offer to escort her at least part of the way back to the convents Abby.

Helga VonMueller

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