Fredrick Von Lugerstein


Fredrick Von Lugerstein is a tall man at six-one, bulky and muscular at 195 pounds from years of hard work and warfare. His dark brown hair is kept short so as not to interfere with his helmet. His features are stern and rough, appearing humorless to those who don’t him. His armor and weaponry is kept in top shape.


Born the fifth son of a nobleman, Fredrick was raised to watch over part of his father’s lands,. He was sent at 7 to live with a spinster aunt in Friedholde so he could learn to adjudicate his father’s lands even handedly. His aunt was a pious and devout woman, raising Fredrick to revere God and the church. His aunt often entertained visiting nights at the manor, mainly from the Order of Saint Thomas the Doubter.

When Fredrick was 11 his aunt, who had ensured that the Order had provided Fredrick with tutors and guidance, suggested that he enter the Order to further the aims of God in the mortal world. While Fredrick suspected that this was to allow his aunt to continue her stewardship of his father’s lands, the idea of joining the Order was too strong a lure to resist and he entered the Order.

While not exceptional intelligent or wise, Fredrick excelled at combat, strategy, tactics, and siege warfare. He also had a skill, a knack, for ferreting out heresy and witchcraft as well as an ability to resist the temptation of Satan despite the fact the Order took no vows of chastity or abstinence.

At thirteen Fredrick joined the Holy Unification Crusade, squired to Knight Inquisitor. During this time he worked with the Inquisition of Thomas, who’s job was to look for any doubt involved in accusations of heresy, witchcraft, or cult activities.

Until he returned to the armies of Charlemagne fifteen years later he worked with the inquisition, travelling to London, Paris, Rome itself, Barcelona, and Constantinople. He rarely speaks of this time, although he has mentioned rooting out a cult of Satan worshippers in London, tracking a murderer in Paris who turned out to be a ghost, and assisting in the exorcism of a young nun in Barcelona.

At twenty-eight he left the Inquisition of Thomas to join the greater war effort, bringing with him Helga, Siegfriend, and Tymra to the battlefields of the Saxon fields.

By the time the war was over Fredrick was tired of open warfare, tired of burning towns and villages, tired of death and destruction. He offered Tymar and Seigfried positions at the estates, Helga had turned the offer down, and agreed to accompany Helga partway back to the Sister’s of Mary convent.

Visited London 8 years ago
Rooting out a Cult of the Devil in London in the fog.
Order of Saint Thomas the Doubter

Fredrick Von Lugerstein

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